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Metallizing Systems is exclusive 3M Technical Ceramics (formerly ESK now a 3M Advanced Materials Division) agent for consumables used in vacuum metallizing, steel casting, and aluminum extrusion operations.  Distribution & Manufacturer Representation of many web converting products / services makes us a complete resource.  Consumables are 3M Evaporation Boats, high purity Solon Shaped Wire Aluminum, 3M Release Suspensions and Graphite Tape.  Equipment includes new Vacuum Metallizers exclusively from Bühler Leybold Optics.  Coated Roll Substrates in association with Precision Coatings Inc.

Metallizing Systems was founded by industry leader Steve Sedlak after a long track record of product quality and professional service.  His career began in production of vacuum metallized films.  He then continued as a manager or supplier to Metallizers, Coaters, and/or Laminators of flexible substrates that result in a diversity of end products.  Applications include but are not limited to materials used for packaging, labels, digital printing plates, holographs, solar control, capacitors, and smart film technologies.  A network of long term relationships has brought together a core group to effectively meet technical demands serving both operational and strategic needs.

Our fundamentals... listen, respond, and strive to exceed expectations

Customer service email: info@metallizingsystems.com